A Sad Story : Son Refuses to Lend Mother Even RM100 – Afraid of Upsetting Wife

Mother needs to lend RM100 for groceries, son hesitates to give her the money because he’s afraid of upsetting his wife

A mother found herself short of money and being an elderly woman living on a pension, she had no other choice but to borrow some money from her son.

With a heavy heart, and the upmost of humility with a slight hint of shame, she asks her son “Son.. If it’s not too much trouble, can I please lend RM100 from you? I need to buy some groceries”.

Upon hearing his frail mother’s request, the son didn’t respond immediately and pondered on his reply.

Fearing that his wife would be unhappy should he loan the RM100 to his mother, he responded “Hmm, I’ll have to ask my wife first mom..”.

The son then left the living room and began walking into the master bedroom to get changed for dinner when he saw that his son’s pack of diapers were almost finished.

He reminded himself that he needed to get a new pack of diapers from the grocery store the next day- but another thought came into his mind.

Diapers are now more expensive than they used to be, costing around RM30 a pack.

In a month, his newborn son uses around 2 packs of diapers, making the expenses for diapers RM60 a month.

There are 12 months in a year so if he multiplies RM60 with the 12 months, the sum comes up to RM720 a year for his son’s diapers alone.

A newborn child has to wear diapers for at least 3 years before getting properly potty trained- making the grand sum of the money of he spends on his son’s diapers until he doesn’t need them anymore, RM2160.

He then began to think of how expensive it was to raise up a child, considering the fact that the cost for diapers alone was RM2160, which was not inclusive of tuition fees, education costs, clothes and food.

The son then flashed back to his memories as a child.

He remember that his mother loved him unconditionally and loved him wholeheartedly without ever thinking about how much it would cost to make him happy. He was raised with so much love and support by his mother that he has now made it in life and has a family of his own. He knew for a fact that the love, time and money she invested in him was a million- no, billion times more than the RM100 she wanted to lend from him.

The son remembered that his mother has never asked him back for the money she invested into raising him, though she had every right to. If she were to do so, how much would he have to pay her?

The son who immediately felt guilty and horrible about how he answered his mother before, ran back out to the living room where his mother was and knelt before her.

“You have showered me with love, money and care- all free, without the hope of me repaying you. Forgive me mom, I was selfish, cruel and ungrateful”.

He immediately gave his mother a hug and immediately gave her the RM100 she wanted to lend, and while in tears, he told her “Mom, don’t ever ask me if I can lend you anything- what’s mine is yours, you don’t have to pay me back. Without your love and support, I wouldn’t have what I have today”.

This soul-searching story showing how a remorseful a son was overwhelmed with shame after acting selfishly towards his own mother who raised him up selflessly, has touched the deepest corners of our hearts, and we are sure if has touched yours too.

To all wives who mistreat their in-laws,

Please keep in mind that everything your husband owns is not only yours to claim, it is also the claim of his mother who raised him up to be the man you fell in love and know today. With that, it is only right to treat your mother-in-law as if she were your own.

To all husbands who mistreat their in-laws,

Please also keep in mind that your wife too has the right to share her belongings and income with her mother, for the very same reason- they deserve to repay their mothers for their boundless love and upbringing. Remember, their mothers brought up the woman you come to know today and love. As such, you should also treat your mother-in-law as if she were your own as well.

Original story by Facebook user Mohd Fairoz

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