Facts About Diva King Leng Yein That You Might Not Know – More Than 3 Millions Facebook Followers !

She don’t drink AT ALL
She loves her female fans n treat them like her own family n little sisters
She loves to pet and feed animals but never intend to keep one herself
She loves free stuff

She never buy any clothes or bags or shoes for more than 5 years because she is sponsored from HEAD TO TOE
She is very down to earth but only to girls
She dont talk to guys
She love her grandma and her sister and her loved ones the most and then her career and herself

She never explain herself everytime she is misunderstoof because she believe time will prove everything and karma will act for her

She loves to eat
She has to eat minimum five meals a day
She needs only 3-4 hrs sleep a day

She never had any management company. All self managed for her brand THE LENG SISTERS, herself and her fashion empire

She plays piano since she was five and she can play by ear
She is a professional performing pianist
She is ex SUKMA team board diver
She is ex PAHANG team state swimmer
She is a FULL A student

She is a divorcee who paid for her own divorce n didnt take any cent from the ex after she found out that her ex husband brought a woman home and cheated on her

She will never speak to her EX husband or her ex bf because she believe if she dont END it clean, there will always be dramas

She hates DRAMAS
She is always positive and bright since young
She acts the same in front of fans and her family
She never cook or clean
She never stops working
She is the ex lead singer of Taiwan band SUGARDADDY

She owns mamak, fashion boutiques, nail salon, beauty salon, tattoo studio and fashion accessories shop since she was 18

She is a professional tattoo artist since she is 18
She is a licensed body piercer since she was 18
She was a performer and dancer since she is 5
She is ranked the Top 5 most popular person on Friendster before Facebook existed

She has a hatepage of 89000 haters but she never reports the page because she wanted to be reminded that she has to always stay grounded and know her place in this world

She is a free thinker
She is the ambassador for SHARKS SAVER
She is the ambassador for ANIMAL FOOD BANK (a program saving stray dogs and cats)
She feeds and help strays everytime she is back to Malaysia
She has no pets because she say she would rather spend time with her grandma, sister or loved ones
She is born 18 April 1985

Her real registered full name is LENG YEIN. It is not her stage name.
She dont attend events for free
She dont promote products that are harmful and unsafe for her fans no matter how much clients pays
She is booked out at least half year in advance
She dont pay for her travels. They are all sponsored
She dont own a car for four years n counting
She loves street food
She dont fine dine
She only buys expensive things for people she love but never herself
She puts her family first

Her MY LITTLE PONY tattooes are drawn and designed specially for her by world famous MY LITTLE PONY artist Agnes Garbowska. They are close friends

She has only one sibling the love of her life – Leng Sean (3 years younger than her)
She cant take spicy food
She loves the imperfections in people she meet because it makes her feel like there are always a place in the world for everyone
She had helped built alot of career people who are famous now but she never taken credit for it
She believe in giving back, as the purpose she is given a chance to live by God

Leng Yein Awards

Year 2015 & 2014 :
Voted #1 Asia’s Sexiest DJ on edmDroid 2015
Voted #1 Asia FDJ on theFDJList 2014
Voted #1 Asia’s Sexiest DJ on edmDroid 2014
Voted #1 Malaysia FDJ on theFDJlist 2014
Voted World TOP 100 FDJ #8 Ranked Asia’s #1 FDJ
Voted Asia’s #1 Sexiest DJ
Voted Malaysia #1 FDJ
FHM Malaysia Most Wanted Woman 2014 WINNER
Voted #8 WORLD TOP 100 FDJ on theFDJlist 2014
Voted #1 Malaysia DJ on DJ List 2014
Malaysia’s #1 Social Media Queen
RAZER Asia’s DJ Ambassador
Hot Import Nights Indonesia Official Tour DJ
Hot Import Nights USA Tour DJ
Malaysia’s #1 Most Popular Race Queen

Year 2013 :
Most Popular Social Media Award
Most Popular Car Queen Award

Year 2012 :
Best Car Model Award SEMA Las Vegas, USA
Most Intrepid Model Award, Malaysia

Year 09-10:
Astro Hallmark Channel Advertisement
Astro Chinese Channel

Year 08-09:
Ambassador for KALO international

Year 07-08 :
Winner of Ms World Cup Asia

Year 06-07 :
Winner of Ms Tourism Int/Maldives
Winner of Ms Tourism Int/Disco Girl of the World
Winner of Ms Queen Int/W.P
Winner of Japan GT Queen SIC/Msia Winner of Ms Oriental World/Phg
Winner of Ms Chinese World/Best Talent
SRU Ms Springhill

Year 05-06 :
Winner of Ms Hypertune/TMX
Winner of Ms Body Beautiful/Faces Of The Year

Year 04-05 :
Winner of Ms Body Perfect
Winner of Ms Crowning Glory/Phg
Winner of Ms Popularity NanYang

Year 03-04 :
Winner of Ms Pahang/Msia World
Ms Msia/World Finalist

Leng Yein is a DJ, Pianist, Actress, Singer and Host. She is smart, hot, sexy and multi-talented in entertainment field.

Leng Yein is a pianist since she’s 5 years old. With her Classical Music background and being bilingual, her DJ career had toured her to USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Leng Yein is also the first DJ in Asia region, alongside international Top DJ Afrojack to be the brand ambassador for World Famous Gaming Brand – RAZER.

Leng Yein endorsed products and brands around the world. She is a well known figure in Asia and she has her own fashion line too. She is the face for few charity organisations, fashion lines and also in cosmetic beauty fields.

Some of the well-known brands and names that Leng Yein had worked with is Harley Davidson, Victory Bikes USA, Razer, Lenovo, Maybelline, La Senza, Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia, Sephora, Dolly Wink Japan, Hydrogen Italy, Hard Rock Hotel, UBER, Maxis, Hotlink, Perodua, Genting Resorts, Billabong, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Chivas, Carlsberg, Absolut, Jagermeister, Remy Martin, Budweiser, Glemorangie, Dunhill, Marlboro and alot more established brands.

As a former beauty queen and model, she holds 22 pageant titles under her belt from State titles to World Titles and appeared in more than 80 magazines worldwide including FHM, Maxim, Zoo Magazine, Hot Import Nights HIN mag, etc.

Leng Yein is also the most well known car queen in the history of Malaysia. She hosted car shows from Malaysia to USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan etc. Winning the Best Car Model Award in the World’s Largest Car Show SEMA adding on to her total of 22 competition titles.

Movies Leng Yein acted in such as Lan Kwai Fong 3 (Hong Kong), Internship Stewardess (China), The Green Fairy(Hollywood, USA), Death Rang (Hollywood, USA), Shortcut to Vegas (Hollywood, USA), and The Nude Chainsaw (Germany) and has her profile in IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

Leng Yein worked closely with tourism line and had been the face in several ads promoting Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

Leng Yein is the most popular Chinese Social Media Artist in Malaysia. She won the Social Media Award and has over 3.3 million followers on her Facebook and 375000 followers instagram, making her one of the most sort after DJ in Asia.

Leng Yein is now expending her career to the United States , Asia and Europe.

Soundcloud :
Youtube :
Instagram :

Asia’s #1 Female DJ (FDJList, DJaneMag, EDMDroid)
FHM Most Wanted Woman Winner
Bookings : [email protected]


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