Stop Domestic Violence : Malaysia’s Hottest Female DJ Leng Yein Pleads For Help From Life Threatening Brutally Abused By Boyfriend of 2 Years

I’m pretty sure at this point, every one of you has already caught up with Malaysia’s hottest female DJ Leng Yein’s roller coaster of a life this month. She contracted severe infections due to seafood virus and pus was forming inside of her lymph nodes all the way to her back.

After sleeping on her front, the pus flowed from her back to the bottom of her left breast which prompted Leng Yein to fly to Taiwan to seek help from her plastic surgeon to remove her breast implant and flush out all the pus.

Yesterday, March 22, she mentioned that she is planning to have her left boob removed for at least three months to fully recover from this hot mess.

Hours before Leng Yein’s next show in Ozoo Club Penang, she has to go through yet another surgery in Taiwan. However, before she entered the surgery room yesterday, her boyfriend, who was in Kuala Lumpur that time broke up with her.

He accused her of treating him like a dog these two years when he was the one who abuses her.

Couldn’t stand the abuse anymore, Leng Yein decided to speak up for herself. When she got home, her ex-boyfriend was in her house, because she didn’t have her house keys (he took it), she had to wait for him to open the doors for her.

But after 9 hours of operation and roughly 4 and a half hours of flight back to Malaysia, she is welcomed with an angry man, who wants to barge into her room and assault her.

In the two years of her relationship with this man, she has been abused countless of times, but Leng Yein is a strong woman, she decided to keep quiet about it, but she never forgot to take photos as evidence.

She thought because this guy is young so she forgave him and also gave him time to grow and learn but the man never learned.

In her Facebook Live video five hours ago, Leng Yein can be seen struggling to lock her room door to keep herself safe from her abusive ex-boyfriend, she cut her own hand in the process.

Two hours ago, Leng Yein shared a series of photos from her previous abuse on her Facebook page. She wrote in her post,

“Two years , i HAD ENOUGH
U r a lawyer and u threaten me for two years
I am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALL
I know u r close to the police and law system
But i am not afraid of the TRUTH
This is NOT LOVE
Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT
U left me yesterday morning before i went for my morning operation and said u want to move out n go home
I just came out from emergency operation room for 9 hours and reached Malaysia this morning and u just never leave me alone
Two years u been violence and i kept so quiet because i didnt want people to laugh at me”

“We broke up yesterday before my surgery u said u wanted to move home and say i treat u like a dog and say i wasn’t understanding and im a bad gf repeating this to me for past one year plus. Put aside how despair i feel about ur repeated slamming n statement making me feel lesser than myself and putting me down all the time. I know u r POWERFUL AND A LAWYER and always find ur way and also threaten me with ur DAD n say u can ask ur dad to KILL ME N MY SIS
But i am not afraid of u anymore because u went too far this time.”

“Everytime i try to tell u don’t overreact u started throwing things shouting banging wrecking breaking things and starting to beat me up
I tot u got better
Unfortunately i was VERY WRONG”

“I am gonna live MY LIFE as a normal person like how i used to live before u cane into my life and start wrecking it
U deal and be responsible with ur own actions
I always tell u dont do this n begged but u manipulates and still find ur ways around to come back to me
I kept quiet because i tell myself u r young n i forgive u and let u have ur time to grow n learn
But u have brought this so far
I just escaped death from emergency ward and nine hours later u brought me catastrophe and life threatening scenarios AGAIN
U just grew more violence and slicker”

“I have nothing to lose anymore
Even if u want to use ur lawyer friends or police friends and i have no one. I WILL MAKE MY VOICE LOUD AND CLEAR.
So that i can stop other woman from domestic violence that i had to go thru.
This is WRONG.
And i am going to finally do something about it”

Come on man, Leng Yein is at her weakest point in life and you drop a bomb on her like this? As a boyfriend, you should be more supportive and be caring for her not find fault with her! How cruel can you be?

Not only that, domestic abuse is a NO-NO! Men should never lay their hands on a woman and vice versa! Just because you’re bigger in size doesn’t make you a better person!

If you are facing domestic abuse yourself, please speak up, seek help from the authority!

Also, in cases like this, if you’re afraid for your life, and thinks that the authorities are on the abuser’s side, you SHOULD STILL file a police report. It’s only right if you do so, that way, when they get taken away you’ll have legit proof of what happened!

We hope this would end and that Leng Yein can properly recover after this, we hope she doesn’t have to cancel the show later tonight as her fans are waiting for her return! Stay strong DJ Leng Yein!

Watch the Facebook live video here!

Posted by Leng Yein on Thursday, 22 March 2018

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