10 Reasons Why Public Who Misjudged Leng Yein In The Viral Abused Case Is Wrong

However, a handful of others have claimed that there may be two sides to the story, calling her injuries “staged”

1.What is the benefits that she will gain from staging her injuries? Even for no matter what reason nobody will be that insane to create such a drama out to get herself with into such abuse and injuries. Why not anybody who ever thought of this try to get yourself injured to this level?

2. “Staged” ? Try getting beaten up and abused to go through all the physical and mental pain pain , torture and suffering for the sake of being famous. Does anybody want to get famous need to go through 2 years only suffering and 2 years later only start reporting this case ? Fame is something that people wanted it on the spot. So please be fair to Leng Yein before having any of such thoughts or judgement.

“Typical Bollywood movie. Since she can’t use her plastic body to maintain her fame, she’s now changing her tactics,” one netizen wrote.

3.Since when she ever use her plastic body for fame? Many people discredit her fame and popularity just because she did plastic surgery? Ask yourselves how many girls nowadays is on plastic surgery? And most importantly out of how many of those girls is actually popular, well known and famous? If you think fame is as simple as having a plastic surgery then why not trying to have a plastic surgery and see you will get any fame or not ?

4.According to Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said 5,796 cases of Domestic Violence were reported in 2016. How many out of this figure really do gain attention from the netizen and became popular? So the theory of Leng Yein is doing this for fame is not logical where she is already famous with or without this case. This case only proven that she is already a famous individual where out of thousands of abusive cases none of it get to this level of attention from the public.

5.Lately there is a very popular maid abuses case in Malaysia by a Datin. But how many out of thousands of people that know this case know even the name of the maid ? So does the maid get popular by such abuse ? It is the case that gets popular and not the individual. Same theory apply here.

“The “bruises and blood” look very fake,”

6. We wonder how can such comment can even exist ? We do not need to elaborate on points related to this comment. Why not the public look at picture again and judge yourselves is the injury fake or real ? How can it be fake to that level ? Use what? Paint?

“I don’t know who you are, but you don’t look like a good person,” another netizen wrote.

7. If you do not even know who she is then how on earth will you know that she is not a good person ? Moreover are you trying to say that not good person should be beaten up and abused to this level? Then how angel are you or human in this world? Are you trying to say that all not good person should be abused and beaten up?

However, her hair colour in the pictures in her post did not match the one in the live-stream video

8. This is the problem people who are not being able to read properly. She continue repeat that it is a 2 years physical abuse case. How can in 2 years long the hair colour will remain the same as it is inside the live stream video?

Most netizens have been expressing their support for Yein, while some others claimed that the blood seen on Yein was “fake” and that she was “doing this for publicity”

Facts About Diva King Leng Yein That You Might Not Know – More Than 3 Millions Facebook Followers !

9. If it is true that Leng Yein ever needed to do anything for publicity then anything that she does will gain the same hype of publicity. Logically , this issue is real because she does not need to chose or rely on this issue to gain any publicity. History again and again proven that no matter what she does the media and the people will pay attention to her. What is 15 000 -30 000 live video shares where before this even her emergency surgery in Taiwan ( which is also real ) also do gain international and worldwide media coverage.  Track back past Leng Yein posting and pictures and you will realized that with or without this issue she also consistently already getting more than 10 000 likes , shares and comments in most of her postings. So does she really need this issue for extra publicity ?


Another netizen said he would wait for a statement from the alleged abuser before making any conclusions

【原来我并不是唯一的受害者!】大马DJ Leng Yein 收到网友们的「爆料」和「证据」,指出 GG男有毒打前女友的习惯!

10. What is there to wait when no matter what reasons the abuser will come out with also does not mean that he do have such rights to physically any creature ( not only human ) to such level ! Does it mean that if anybody do have any valid reason then they do have the rights to abuse anybody ?

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