20-Year-Old Straight-A Student Took Her Own Life By Jumping Off 14th Floor Due To Depression

Guys, we cannot stress how important it is to treasure your life and to never turn to suicide to solve your problems! Especially those who are suffering from depression, you guys need to look for help or someone to talk to.

20-year-old Lin Jiaying aspired to be a teacher, she was a bright student who had scored 10A’s in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) in the past and was studying hard to be a teacher. She was accepted into one of the tertiary education institutes in Kedah and continued her studies there.

Source: Fb Press

However, she suffered from depression and as a result, she decided to transfer back to another institute in Seremban for her education. Her parents were worried about their daughter and had installed a GPS tracker on her phone so they could keep track of her whereabouts.

On Monday, April 2, her parents discovered that she was at an apartment building and they called her to check up on her. Lin answered and lied to them that she was at the place with a couple of friends. When they couldn’t contact her after some time, they started to get worried.

Source: Fb Press

Sadly, Lin was later discovered to have jumped from the 14th floor of the building at around 8.45pm, after her parents had called her. She reportedly left behind an emotional suicide note saying that she wanted to die very badly and even said,

“Even if you find me alive, please ask the doctor not to save me.”

According to China Press, Lin wrote in her letter that she was afraid of disappointing her parents and was under tremendous pressure. She also wrote that she could not catch up on her studies but wished her parents could “live a good life”.

Source: Fb Press

She thanked her parents for bringing her up and asked her elder brother to take care of them, and she added that she was willing to donate her organs to other people who needed them.

It turns out, the apartment building where Lin had killed herself was notorious for suicide cases as there were more than 70 cases that took place there in the past decade! That’s a lot!

It is learned that an electric gate was installed to block the way to the 14th floor in an effort to stop suicides from happening. However, the gate was discovered to be damaged and this continues to allow suicidal people to enter the building and sadly end their lives there.

Source: China Press

Lin had a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately, depression got the best of her. We encourage those who found themselves to have depression to talk to someone.

If you’re afraid of your friends or family knowing about your problem(s), please know the Befrienders are there to listen to you at 03-7956 8145 anytime you need to speak to someone.


(Source: WOB / China Press)

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