3-Year-Old Singaporean Boy Rescued After Accidentally Locking Himself Inside Father’s Car

Do you get that adrenaline pump when you thought you accidentally locked yourself in somewhere, or when you actually did lock yourself somewhere? I bet that is what this little boy is feeling!

A three-year-old boy in Singapore had accidentally trigged the auto-locking mechanism of his father’s car, trapping himself inside for about half an hour on Wednesday (April 4) evening, before he was rescued by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers.

It is learned that the incident occurred at a carpark in front of Block 138A Toa Payoh Lorong 1.

A witness who declined to be named told Lianhe Wanbao that she was passing by and went forward to understand the situation. According to her, the child’s father was standing by the side of the car trying to console his son.

He looked tensed and was intending to call a locksmith, but decided not to do so after hearing that it could take up to an hour.

The man then decided to call the SCDF for help, to which they responded to the situation at around 7 pm, rescuing the boy by prying open a car door.

When asked, the boy’s father explained that he alighted the vehicle to retrieve something from the left passenger seat. Before stepping out of the vehicle, he handed the car keys to his son who was in a child seat.

However, as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle, the boy accidentally pressed a button on the keys, locking himself in.

Upon arriving at the scene, SCDF officers used a pry bar to open the car door and rescued the boy.

SCDF confirmed the incident and paramedics assessed the boy on the scene and concluded that he did not sustain any injuries thus he was not taken to a hospital.

Guys, if you are planning to get anything from anywhere and you have to leave your kid in the car, never give them the car keys! They don’t know any better! If you can, bring them with you, never leave them unattended! Learn your lesson already, geez!

(Source: Stomp)

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