Johor Assemblyman Suggests Selling Strays to S. Korea’s Dog Meat Market to Gain Revenue

It’s no secret that there are many stray animals on the streets in Malaysia and there have been humane efforts made to try and reduce this problem. Recently, an Umno assemblyman gave a suggestion to the state government on a rather unconventional method to combat this issue.

According to Oriental Daily, Tanjung Surat assemblyman Datuk Syed Sis Syed A. Rahman reportedly said that the Johor state government should catch these stray dogs and sell them to South Korea for their local dog meat market.The suggestion was made in a recent debate over on the 2019 Johor Budget to increase the state’s income.

Syed Sis explained that many people in his constituency often complained about the stray dog problem they were having. He claimed that since South Korea slaughters about 2 million dogs per year, it was a good market for the stray dogs from Malaysia.

Source: The Star

Source: The Star

He added, “I made this suggestion which can not only solve the problem of stray dogs but can also increase the state government’s revenue.”

However, Gan Pek Cheng, the Deputy Speaker of the Johor State Legislative Assembly did not agree with his proposal and said that it was a rather “cruel” suggestion. Netizens who saw his suggestion had similar disagreements. Some said that South Korea had closed down its main dog slaughterhouse and it was obvious that the market for dog meat was already dwindling so his proposal would not work anyway. Others were shocked and could not believe that he would make this suggestion.

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