Johor Permaisuri Pays Touching Tribute to 4 M’sian Indian Men Who Took Care of Royal Family

A touching Facebook post uploaded by Johor Permaisuri Raja Zarith Sofiah Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah addressing the 3rd anniversary of her late son, Tunku Laksamana Johor Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim, has moved thousands of Malaysian netizens.

WITH OUR GRATITUDE : to the four Malaysian-Indian men who’ve looked after our family …

WITH OUR GRATITUDE : to the four Malaysian-Indian men who’ve looked after our family …

Posted by Zarith Sofiah Idris on Sunday, 2 December 2018

Posted by on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Addressing the violence that took place at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple last week, she expressed sadness over the intolerance being exhibited. An excerpt from her post reads,

“On 5th December, it will be three years since my son, Jalil, passed away. Our family has not stopped grieving but this year, the grief is mixed with a kind of particular sadness: a sadness to see that racial intolerance and misunderstanding have come to the fore again.”

“With the rioting which took place at the site of the Indian temple in Subang Jaya recently, where a Malay fireman was injured seriously, and the racial tension that flared up afterwards, I thought of all the Indian friends and staff who have been part of my family’s everyday life.”

She then paid tribute to four Malaysian Indian men who impacted her family’s life, the first two being her family doctors, Dato’ Subramanyam Balan and Dato’ Singaraveloo, who treated and looked after Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim when he was battling liver cancer. Dato’ Balan was also the doctor who confirmed the Johor Permaisuri’s late son’s time of death.

“Over the years, whenever my husband or my children were ill in the middle of the night, it would be one of these two doctors who would rush over and treat them. It didn’t matter what time it was, whether it was before midnight or 3 in the morning.”

The third person the Johor Permaisuri paid tribute to was Mohan, their family’s “nanny”. He taught their children how to swim and often stayed with them in the water to watch over them whenever they swam.

Source: Facebook

“When my children were still young, and if my husband was away from home, I would ask Mohan to stay at our house because I was frightened of being in a house of just children and women (my maids). He would not sleep until the other staff had come in to work in the morning. I trusted him with my life and the life of my children.”

She then paid tribute to her husband’s police aide-de-camp (ADC), Dato’ Sugumaran, who became their youngest son’s companion during a family trip to England in 2009.

Source: Facebook

The Johor Permaisuri ended her post on a heartfelt note, saying,

“My husband and I have many friends of other races. But, for now, while the scrutiny is on Malaysian Indians, it is these four men who I think deserve mention, and a thousand thank-yous from my family.”

“May Allah grant peace in our country, and a love in our hearts for each other as Malaysians.”

Read the rest of the Johor Permaisuri’s touching tribute here.

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