M’sian Divorces Wife Because She Didn’t Bleed During Sex, Accuses Her of Not Being Virgin

We’re not sure why some men are so obsessed about virginity and always look for signs to prove that their partner is still a virgin, which in this case specifically, the bleeding that happens after they have intercourse for the first time. All this bro-science needs to stop, man.

Source: Times Of India

The truth about the bleeding, or to be exact the breaking of the hymen, the membrane that surrounds the opening of the vagina seems to be unknown to a lot of people to the point of costing marriages!

We were compelled to explain after coming across a viral anonymous confession posted on Twitter by the user @AshrafAriff. It was by a lady that was divorced because her ex-husband thought she wasn’t a virgin since there was no blood coming out of her vagina after they had intercourse a few times.


You can read the full confession here:

She elaborated in her confession,

“I did not bleed after the first time we had sex. He was super upset and mad about it. He ‘accused’ me of not being a virgin, but this is my first time having sex.

“We tried again for a few weeks but there was still no blood. After trying for a few months, he divorced me right after having sex because there was still no blood. Now I don’t know how to tell my family the reason I was divorced.”

Fellow brothers, you need to know this. According to the Centre for Young Women’s Health, the hymen may rip or get “broken” during intercourse but most of the time, it can also expand which prevents it from breaking and in this case, not bleed.

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In some cases, the hymen has already been broken early on in their lives. In case you guys didn’t know, using the breaking of the hymen as an indicator for virginity is highly inaccurate as it can be broken by diseases, injuries, medical examinations or even physical exercises and sports activities.

So yes brothers, please educate yourself before punishing someone who might love you with all her heart. The most important thing now is the future you share together. It’s not your business if your partner is a virgin anyway!

Stop obsessing over a membrane.


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