18 Year Old Malaysian Threatens JPJ Officer at Knife-Point After Failing His 4th Driving Test

We all know how difficult it is to pass the driving test in Malaysia. A majority of Malaysians, in fact, usually take about two to three attempts to finally be given a driving license.

According to a viral Facebook post, an 18-year-old college student who failed his driving test for the fourth time, threatened to stab his Road Transport Department (JPJ) examiner. The incident happened in Nilai, Seremban yesterday (January 8th) at around 10.23am.

The student was said to have broken several traffic rules and even ran a red light.

As the examiner asked him to stop the car by the roadside, he took out a 30cm knife and pointed it at the examiner’s right rib, threatening the officer to pass him.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Nilai Chief of Police, Superintendent Mohd Nor Marzukee Besar said,

“As they were about to change seats, the suspect took out a 30 centimetre knife from his bag.”

“The examiner managed to open the door and escape before calling the police for help.”

Source: Facebook

It was discovered that the culprit originates from Kuala Lumpur and his urine test came back negative for any drug usage. Further investigation is being conducted under the Penal Code Section 506.

It’s not an easy journey to get that P license but let’s not allow our emotions to get the better of us.

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