Cruel University Student Catches Rat Eating His Pet Turtle So He Crucified and Burned It

Pets are easily one the best companions we can ever ask for. Most pet owners, in fact, grow so attached to their pets that they would do anything for them. However, in a recent death of a turtle, news did not travel slowly about how this Chinese student avenged his pet’s passing.

According to Daily Maila university student in China crucified a rat for an entire day because it ate his pet turtle. The grief-stricken student publicly displayed the cross near a pond in Guangxi Arts Institute, Nanning last Sunday (January 6th). These are the pictures of the rat being tied to the cross.

Source: Daily Mail

If you’re wondering, no, the rat did not come back to life after three days.

However, the student did not stop at just crucifying the rodent. He reportedly continued its punishment by burning the rat the very next day. There is currently no evidence whether the rat was still alive during the cremation.

Source: Daily Mail

Several posts on Weibo have shown that netizens were not happy at this vicious act towards the rat. One netizen said,

“Isn’t it cruel to burn it? Yes, the rat ate the turtle but isn’t it still cruel? They are all God’s creations after all.”

Since then, a university spokesman had confirmed that he talked to the student about the incident. The student was criticised for his poor behavior and indecent doing.

Although losing a loved one is a traumatising experience, we hope that you find healthy ways to handle the loss. You can find a friend to talk to or seek professional help if you ever feel overwhelmed.

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