Malaysian Butt Naked Firemen Run Out of Shower to Respond to Emergency – So Much Respect For Our Heroes!

An abang bomba‘s life is more than just taking a ride on that awesome firetruck to fight that blaze. They go out of their way to help with whatever they can.

From saving cats stuck on trees to freeing a man whose ‘equipment’ was stuck in a PVC pipeabang bomba is always ready and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When there is an emergency, it’s crucial that our abang bomba get there ASAP. Most of the time, we will only see them when they arrive at that scene.

But now you get a chance to see what really happens behind the scenes when duty calls and dedicated firemen have to stop everything at once, even if they happen to be naked.

Watch the video here:

The firefighters apparently had just finished their evening sports activities, and most of them were about to take their shower, probably to prepare for the Maghrib prayers.

However, they had to drop everything and suit up for an emergency. You can see the focus and commitment (and butt cheeks) of these men in the video. None of them had time to complain.

So much respect for our heroes!

The video might look a bit funny to us, but this is the reality that they face every day. Respect to the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department for all that they have done behind the scenes. Thank you abang bomba!

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