Malaysian Can Now Reports Cars that Cut Queue to JPJ – Any Form of Offence Can Be Reported Directly To JPJ

Queue jumpers are the WORST.

Be it at your local foodie hotspot, at the checkout counter, or god forbid – the drivers on the highways who seem oblivious to the fact that using the emergency lane for no good reason is WRONG!

A fellow netizen felt that these drivers need to be taught a lesson.

He shared a template e-mail you can use to lodge a complaint to the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ)

Source: Twitter

In his status, the netizen writes, “I love doing this to queue jumpers. This is a template, don’t forget to change the details accordingly.”

“But please, send only AFTER you’ve fully stopped or reached your destination.”

Source: Twitter

His email, translated from Malay, writes:

“Hello. The incident took place at 0815hrs, Friday 25th of January 2019, at the Kesas and Persiaran Kuala Selangor junction, a Honda City with registration number W****Y has misused the emergency lane to jump the queue at the traffic light.

The purpose of this complaint is to educate the driver on the importance of driving etiquette.

I hope that further action will be taken.”

The netizen added that all you need is the plate number, location, time, date, offence and email it to [email protected]

He also showed how a reply by JPJ would look.

Source: Twitter

The reply writes:

“In relation to the matters in the above, JPJ Selangor has received your complaint dated 4 ***** ****.”

“The authorities will issue a notice to the owner of the vehicle under Seksyen 114 (1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 for further investigation.”

One netizen commended this tactic to keep wrongdoers at bay.

Source: Twitter

“This is so good. I guess people do it because they thought no summon will be issued since there’s no JPJ. With this, eyes are everywhere.”

Another netizen sought clarification on the types of offences that could be reported to the authorities.

The netizen responded that any form of offence can be reported directly to JPJ.

The power is in your hands. Just don’t let it get to your head.

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