Malaysian Woman Shares Her Father’s Touching Words When She Decided To Convert To Islam

In a multicultural country like Malaysia or Singapore, we get the privilege to live in harmony among different races and religions. However, it is rare to hear a story where parents are fully supportive when their children want to convert to another religion.

In a viral Facebook post, Jinghan Naan proved that stigma otherwise by sharing her Chinese father’s touching words regarding her conversion to Islam.

Source: Facebook

Jinghan, who is Singaporean, mentioned how just last week, her father asked for help regarding an online purchase. She then assisted him by doing the negotiating online and later provided her father with the address of the seller to meet up. The seller, however, was very confused as he was expecting a Malay buyer to show up. Here’s how their convo sounded:

“Huh? You’re Chinese? I thought you’re Malay!”

“No la, that one is my daughter.”

“But your daughter wears a tudung. You’re Chinese Muslim ah?

“My daughter is Chinese Muslim. She converted to Islam.”

Waaa! Then you let her convert? Never stop her?”

“Never la. I support!”

Jinghan’s father, still puzzled at the seller’s questions, asked his daughter,

“Why is everyone so shocked when they know I let you convert?”

“Because you’re very rare la! Most parents don’t let mah. Actually pa, why did you let me convert?” she asked.

Jinghan’s father then reassured her by saying,

“What’s the purpose of life? To seek happiness. Different people find happiness in different things. Some in wealth, some in family and some in religion. As parents, what do we want most? For our children to be happy.”

Source: Facebook

Jinghan concluded the post by saying how her father is a very simple yet profound man. She also stated how her father is not the kind who would worry about societal norms or the opinions of their relatives as long as his daughter is happy.

“It doesn’t take a lot for anyone to come up with what he said. In fact, many would claim to hold the same beliefs! But what I think makes my father different is how he actually truly means what he says,” she added.

We’re overjoyed at the beautiful relationship Jinghan shares with her father! What do you guys think about this touching story?

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