3 Malaysian Caught On CCTV Kidnapping Giant Snorlax In KL

If you are a fan of Pokémon, then you will know about the massively cute Snorlax, usually found sleeping in inconvenient places throughout the series.

To catch one, a trainer must first wake it up using a Poké Flute. However, in a sad incident that has happened at a local gift shop in Wangsa Maju, a peacefully sleeping Snorlax was kidnapped!

The shop, Black Borx, shared the incident on a Facebook post on 31 January.

🚨 Theft Alert @ Wangsa Maju / Desa Setapak 🚨 Sadly, one of our super cute gigantic Snorlax plush was stolen last night…

Posted by BLACK BORX on Thursday, 31 January 2019

The CCTV recording shows three culprits conspiring to achieve the heinous act. Jesse, James, and Meowth from Team Rocket Malaysia maybe?

Apparently, the 1.5m giant Snorlax was so rare and valuable, a reward is in place for those who can find it.

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