Breaking News : Disgusting ‘Begpackers’ Seen Doing Stunts With Baby For Money In Bukit Bintang

Some white travellers in Asian countries have been getting a bad rep recently for their behaviour — specifically ‘begpacking’ — the act of begging locals for money to fund their travels.

But recently, it appears that these ‘begpackers’ are getting more extreme and desperate.

A netizen shared a video taken in Bukit Bintang of white tourists performing a bizarre act while dangerously using a baby as a prop.

Watch it below:

The netizen writes on his post:

“I happen to pass by this area in Bukit Bintang and I saw this irresponsible act that can literally cause injury to that poor baby. Why is the authority allowing such act to be showcased in public. These street performers need to be arrested! Please do something. #pdrm #cityofnorules #immigration #UNICEF #INHOPE #ECPAT #mixfm #rela #expatkl”

The man is shockingly seen holding the baby’s legs and swinging it around vigorously for over a minute. The baby does not seem to be crying or upset but it could be because it is in a state of shock.

Source: Facebook

A ‘band’ can be seen behind the man playing tribal music. A sign in front of them writes “We are travelling around the world [unclear] music [unclear].”

Source: Facebook

The crowd in the video don’t intervene or seem to be reacting negatively. Although a man witnessing the act is heard criticising it, “bodohlah, mana boleh ini macam?”

There is no information if the child belongs to the man or the woman seen in the video or if the child is hurt from the performance.

Additionally, there is no update if authorities have taken action against the tourists or to protect the child in the video.

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