Scammers Are Now Targeting Malaysian Drivers By Faking Accidents to Get Compensation

Motorists, take note and always be on the alert for scammers!

According to The Star, it was reported that scammers have taken to the roads and are targeting motorists as they search for their next victim. Oh no!

Scammers have now come up with a new tactic of demanding money from their victims. They are usually spotted riding motorcycles trying to purposely hit your car and then claim it was your mistake. After that, they will also say that they sustained injuries while their vehicle got damaged so it would be a perfect excuse for them to demand money from you.

Source: The Star

This was exactly what happened to Wong, 32, a saleswoman who was confronted with a scammer when she was on her way to a meeting last Friday morning (22 February).

“I was driving from Jalan Sultan Ismail towards Mid Valley (Megamall) along Jalan Kuching when I heard a thud.”

“I continued driving and when I stopped at a traffic jam, a motorcyclist waved at me and gestured that I had hit him.”

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He told her that he wants to settle this matter among them and said he was going to report this as a working accident in order to get some Socso compensation. Besides, he had asked her to pretend to be his cousin, so that the company can claim back the money and pay it back to her, she told reporters at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department on Thursday (27 February).

After that, the scammer rang up someone to get a quotation for the motorcycle’s accessories. He told Wong that it would cost around RM1,000 to repair the damage. At that time, Wong had insufficient cash with her. She handed him RM150 and informed him that she will give him the remaining money later.

Upon arriving at her meeting location, she then transferred the money to an account that doesn’t belong to the motorist. She felt curious and had asked him why he was using another person’s account, he explained that it was the account of the repairman. Strange!

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Around noon, he texted her claiming that his medical fees cost RM670 while his motorcycle repairs actually cost RM2,450. Hence, he needed an extra RM1,450 from her to compensate for his losses.

A girl later texted Wong saying that she had already received her bank details and promised to pay back the amount promised. Without suspecting anything, Wong banked in the money again.

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