Cigarette Saves Malaysian Man From Jumping Off Johor Bridge – Ciggie Saves Life !

In a heroic twist of fate, a team of firemen from Muar, Johor, saved a man from jumping off the bridge by offering him a cigarette!

The 30-year-old man aroused suspicion from motorcyclists when he was spotted at the Sultan Ismail bridge at about 10.15pm yesterday (5 Mar). The authorities were then alerted at about 10.29pm about the incident, reported Malay Mail.

Source: Findbulous

It was believed that the man was going to attempt suicide by jumping off the bridge. However, the abang Bombas were dispatched to the scene to save the day – 9 firemen were immediately dispatched to be exact. One fire engine and a boat were also rushed to the scene.

A Johor Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said that the man was ready to jump from the bridge when the team arrived.

The team persuaded the man ‘to come to the safety of the middle part of the bridge’. They then lured him to safety by offering him a cigarette!

Source: Malay Mail

The whole incident ended at about 10.56pm and police took the man in for further action.

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